Consultation is by appointment only. New referrals of Veterans Affairs and Privately insured patients are welcome. Workers compensation, CTP and other third party insured patients are also welcome, but insurer prior approval is essential. Please advise us at the time of making your appointment if you are covered by Health fund, Workers Compensation or CTP. Non insured patients will need to seek care through the public hospital.

Dr Gill's areas of interest and expertise for elective orthopaedics are hip, knee and shoulder surgery. Including joint replacements, arthroscopic and open surgery. Please note that Dr Gill does not consult on or treat spinal conditions.

New Patients

New patients are welcome!  Please be sure to bring in relevant xrays, scans or blood tests alongwith your referral. All patients require an up to date referral from their General Practitioner.

All patients require an up to date referral from their GP as you General Practitioner is charged with your whole person care. Dr Gill highly values your GP’s continuing role in your total health management. Your “referral”, whilst being necessitated by Medicare, provides Dr Gill with the comprehensive information necessary to diagnose and treat your condition. Dr Gill liaises with your GP usually the same day as your appointment and is committed to a “Team Care” approach with your GP and other medical specialists

Please call 49694033 to schedule your appointment. 
Orthopaedic Second Opinions

Have you been recommended a surgical procedure and wish to have an independent discussion of your options? Dr Gill is happy provide a second opinion on management options and liaise with your General Practitioner. Please advise our staff that you are seeking a second opinion at the the time of booking.


Medicolegal Opinions

Dr Gill is an accredited Impairment Assessor for Workcover and Motor Accident Authority. If you have previously been covered through Workcover or CTP and wish to have a review of your condition please advise our staff at the time of booking. If you have been instructed by your solicitor to seek a medical opinion you will be provided with a quote for preparation of your report prior to scheduling you appointment

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